In which states do you record cameras?

We currently record in several states along the East Coast as well as Alabama. You can request a complete list by filling out the contact form here: Contact Us

How do I know if an accident was caught on video?

If the accident or event occurred on a DOT-maintained road with a camera close by, there is a good chance it was caught on film. We are more than happy to provide an initial search for free to see if we have video of your requested incident. You can choose to use our incident search form located on the Start Here page, or our Contact Us page.

How long does an initial request take?

Initial requests can take up to 24-48 hours. Our process begins with receiving the client’s initial request. Using the information in the request, we check to see if a camera is close to the specified area. If a camera is close by, we then check to see if the accident/event was caught on video. At this point, we will notify the client of our results and proceed with a full report if requested.

How long until the full report is ready?

After completing an agreement with the client, we will begin preparing an incident report. This report will contain the following:

  • Client Information
    • Full contact and mailing details of the client
    • Replica of the request made by the client
  • Footage Information
    • Video file type and size (MB)
    • GPS coordinates of the camera that captured the incident
    • Incident start/end times in relation to the provided video file
    • Still frames of the incident
  • Additional Information
    • Google Maps view of the camera and incident locations
    • Weather report for the general area, certified by NOAA
    • Download link for the video