With drivers using their mobile phones on 88% of trips, there is no question that traffic accidents are on the rise. With the damage to property, headaches of insurance claims, and loss of work, it can be incredibly frustrating to be in an accident.

What is even worse is when you can’t prove that you weren’t at fault in the accident. But I’ve found that many drivers can easily prove their innocence with the help of traffic monitoring cameras.

Traffic cameras can help prove that the fault is elsewhere when there is an accident. They can also cut down steep increases in insurance rates.

There are a number of benefits of traffic cameras. Here’s the top 7:

1. Preventing a Dangerous Accident

I was shocked to hear that even with increasing safety protocols deadly crashes are on the rise. In recent years, deadly accidents have been up as much as 5% annually.

Many experts attribute this to mobile device use. While traffic monitoring cameras are at times controversial, they are also a deterrent to dangerous crashes.

More drivers who know about monitoring cameras are less likely to violate distracted driving laws. Traffic cameras help to keep drivers and pedestrians safe.

But what if you’re not involved in a deadly accident? Traffic cameras also help by recording the footage and helping your case.

Putting traffic footage in the right legal hands can benefit many drivers personally.

2. Valuable Evidence

The old saying goes that a picture is worth 1000 words. But video footage might be able to end all arguments entirely.

If you get traffic monitoring evidence in the hands of a personal injury attorney you may drastically change the outcome of your accident case.

Whether you are dealing with insurance companies or other drivers you can utilize video evidence to prove you weren’t at fault.

Anyone who has dealt with a legal case knows that it is more difficult to prove you aren’t at fault than it seems. Insurance companies have teams of lawyers and access to data that the average driver doesn’t

You can even up the outcome of your case with the valuable video footage.

3. Challenge that Rate Hike

I think the worst part of a fender bender is the costly insurance hike. You go through the stress of getting your car repaired just to find a larger insurance bill waiting in the mail.

Insurance companies are notorious for rate hikes after accidents. This includes not-at-fault accidents.

Using traffic monitoring cameras to dispute your fault can help cut down that rate hike. Some insurance companies may charge as much as 16% more on your insurance premium, even if you aren’t at fault.

Prove that you don’t deserve the strong rate hike. In fact, if you aren’t at fault you should be able to go through the other driver’s insurance entirely.

4. Remove Doubt

So many things happen in a traffic accident. Sometimes time slows down entirely.

In other cases, an injury or surprise can leave you completely disoriented. Even if you aren’t at fault you may wonder what happened.

Or you may get so confused by conflicting accounts you may believe the accident is your responsibility.

Traffic monitoring cameras provide valuable peace of mind in cases like this. They can show the drivers exactly what happened from a birds-eye angel and provide indisputable evidence.

When I’ve been in accidents I wondered what happened. At one point I was driving along just fine and then – wham!

Video evidence removes that doubt.

5. Collect Diminished Value

One thing many drivers don’t consider during an accident claim is the diminished value of their car. Even if you collect payment to have your car repaired it will never be the same.

Perhaps someone did serious damage to your vehicle and their insurance covered the accident. But when you go to resell your vehicle it will still be worth less money.

Some experts estimate that an accident reduces the value of your car by 30%.

In the hands of the right attorney traffic monitoring cameras can help you recoup that value. It’s not fair to have to go through the hassle of a crash, insurance claims, and still lose money.

Video evidence will help prove fault and help collect every dime you deserve.

6. Police on Your Side

You may think that if you received a traffic citation through a monitoring camera your case is a lost cause. Or, you may think that if the police cited you as at-fault in a traffic accident there is little you can do to fight back.

The truth is there are always ways to dispute an accident with the help of traffic monitoring cameras. They may even help get the police on your side.

Police aren’t required to intervene and help your case. But if you can access their monitoring cameras you can help your case.

Judges have even overturned original rulings for the police when cameras were involved. A New Orleans judge overturned 3 years and $28 million in traffic fines from cameras.

7. Cut Costs with Traffic Monitoring Cameras

When you aren’t at fault a court case can still cost a bundle. I think it is often a hindrance to drivers who know they were not at fault when they think about the time and legal fees involved.

Having traffic footage changes that. You can prove right away you have an airtight case.

Traffic Recalls Helps You

Once you know the benefits of traffic monitoring cameras the question is how to best access that information. With camera footage on your side it’s much more likely that you will receive the protection you require.

Traffic Recalls can help. Our team is filled with problem solvers and solutions experts by trade.

We utilize available information to collect and store data. This can be used to save time and money for our customers.

We created an effective solution to traffic incident resolutions.

If you’ve been in an accident Traffic Recalls is your best friend. We are changing how accidents are handled in law firms, insurance companies, and government agencies.

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